Fleming Trailed Grass Harrow

Fleming Trailed Grass Harrow for sale.

Brand new and available.

From 1.2 mtr to 3.7 mtr.


Please contact us for more information and best price.

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Fleming Trailed Grass Harrow for sale.
  • From 1.2 mtr to 3.7 mtr.
  • More cost effective than the mounted version.
  • Harrows are designed to cover all applications from large farms to small holding and equestrian venues.
  • Suitable for small compact tractors, with easy hook-up eyes.
  • Reduces the need for artificial fertilisers.
  • Excellent for lifting out moss, spreading manure and levelling mole hills.
  • Also excellent for root aeration which promotes improved water infiltration and growth.
  • Strong robust design ensures long life and minimum maintenance. Quick and simple to assemble.
  • This item is available.
  • Please call for best price

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For more information on this Fleming Trailed Grass Harrow, please contact us or visit the Fleming website.

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