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Kioti Compact Tractors. Run ahead of the pack.


Kioti compact tractors are renowned across the world for manufacturing a range of powerful, innovative and feature-rich compact tractors and utility vehicles.

Kioti have completely revamped its tractor range to give you even more power, greater comfort, more specifications and better value for money.

The current Kioti tractor range comprises of:

  • Series CS – 3 models in the range; CS 2520H-GE HST (24.5hp), CS 2220 U-EU Mech (21hp) and CS  2510 HST (24.5hp)
  • Series CX – 3 models in the range; CX2510CH-EU (24.5hp), CX2510H-EU Hydrostatic (24.5hp) and CX2510-EU Mechanical (24.5hp)
  • Series CK – 6 models in the range; CK5030 CH (50hp), CK4030 H (40hp), CK3530 CH (35hp), CK2630 CH (24.5hp), CK2630 H (25.5hp) and CK5030 H (50hp)
  • Series DK – 10 models in the range; DK6020 C (60hp), DK6020 HS/NHS (60hp), DK6020 H (60hp), DK5020 H (50hp), DK5020 C (50hp), DK5020 (HS/NHS) (50hp), DK4520 H (45hp), DK6020 CH (60hp), DK5020 CH (50hp) and DK4520 CH (45hp)
  • Series RX – 2 models in the range; RX7330 P (73hp) and RX7330 PC (73hp)
  • Series PX – 2 models in the range; HX1201 PC (117hp boosted to 127hp) and HX1001 PC (101hp boosted to 111.5hp)


As specialists in Kioti compact tractors we recommend the following two models for applications requiring this type of tractor.


New Kioti CK30 Series Compact Tractor:


This versatile and premium compact tractor has 6 models in the range, all featuring a powerful, yet economical Stage V Kioti diesel engine that offers 24.5hp to 50hp (dependent on model) and is available with a mechanical or hydrostatic transmission.

Standout features include:

  • Dual pedal HST
  • Single lever joystick for front loader
  • Four wheel drive
  • Foldable rear ROPS
  • Road lights
  • Independent electric PTO
  • HST twin pedals
  • Rear PTO as standard with optional mid-PTO
  • Rear 3-point linkage
  • Hydraulic power steering
  • Comfortable drivers seat
  • Illuminated dashboard
  • 2 rear double acting spool valves
  • Cabin with air conditioning or ROPS


Optional extras include:

  • Front linkage
  • Front PTO
  • Mid PTO
  • Front loader self-levelling with bucket
  • Front weights
  • Front fender kit
  • Radio
  • Rear screen wiper
  • Third service kit for front loader


Models in the range:

  • CK5030 CH – 50hp with HST 3-range twin pedal transmission, cabin with air conditioning and suspension seat
  • CK4030 H – 40hp with HST 3-range twin pedal transmission, foldable rear ROPS and hydraulic power steering
  • CK3530 CH – 40hp with HST 3-range twin pedal transmission, cabin with air conditioning and heated rear screen
  • CK2630 CH – 24.5hp with HST 3-range twin pedal transmission, cabin with air conditioning and cruise control
  • CK2630 H – 24.5hp with HST 3-range twin pedal transmission, foldable rear ROPS and four wheel drive
  • CK5030 H – 50hp with HST 3-range twin pedal transmission, foldable rear ROPS , cruise HST and cruise PTO



Kioti CX10 Series Compact Tractor:


This incredibly versatile compact tractor is a great choice for a small and flexible tractor that is simple to operate, with plenty of options and is available with a mechanical or HST transmission. All models come with a 24.5hp Kioti premium water-cooled 3-cylinder engine.

Standout features include:

  • 3-point linkage
  • High ground clearance
  • Hydraulic power steering
  • Comfortable driving seat
  • Cabin version with air conditioning
  • Road lights
  • Heated rear screen and wiper on cabin version
  • Stationary PTO
  • Four wheel drive
  • Mechanical or HST transmission
  • Twin pedal 2-range HST
  • Joystick for front loader
  • Foldable ROPS version
  • HST Cruise control
  • Linked pedal


Optional extras include:

  • Front linkage
  • Front loader
  • Mid PTO
  • Front PTO
  • Third service kit
  • Mid deck


Models in the range:

  • CX2510 CH-EU – 24.5hp with twin pedal 2-range HST and a factory fitted air conditioned cab with heated rear screen and rear wiper
  • CX2510 EU Mechanical – 24.5hp with manual (6 forward and 2 reverse) transmission, folding mid ROPS and selectable 2 and 4 wheel drive
  • CX2510 EU Hydrostatic – 24.5hp with twin pedal 2-range HST and foldable rear ROPS



Kioti Compact Tractors



We can also supply the all-new Kioti K9 Utility Vehicle.

This new tough and reliable Utility Vehicle (UTV) offers contemporary styling, enhanced ergonomics and an abundance of storage.

There are two models in the range; K9 2400 U ROPS and K9 2400 CU Factory Cab.

With a 24 horsepower, 3 cylinder, in-line vertical, water-cooled Kioti diesel engine and a ground speed up to 50 km/h, landowners will rejoice.

It’s all the machine you need for work and play, and then some.

Features include:

  • 24hp (17.89kW) diesel engine
  • Electric speed proportional power steering or hydraulic power steering (model dependent)
  • 4WD
  • 265cm or 310cm ground clearance
  • 500kg load-in-load box maximum capacity
  • Limited slip differential on front axle
  • Digital dashboard
  • Factory cabin model has air conditioning
  • Belt driven CVT transmission (with hill descent on Factory Cab model)


Optional extras include:

  • Fog lamp kit
  • Working lamp kit
  • Winch kit
  • Electric dumping kit
  • Remote hydraulic kit
  • Complete field cabin with heater and glass doors (non factory cab model)
  • Plastic rear screen kit (non factory cab model)
  • Sun canopy kit (non factory cab model)
  • Glass windshield kit with wiper (non factory cab model)


Kioti K9 Utility Vehicle


For further information on the range of Kioti compact tractors and the impressive K9 Utility Vehicle, please contact Paddy on 01325 378042 or 07850 209468. You can also get more product information from the Kioti UK website.

You can also download the latest Kioti product range brochure by clicking on the link below.


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