We are pleased to announce our latest new sales franchise of Marshall Trailers.


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Marshall Trailers is all about quality, innovation and latest technology and have been at the forefront of trailer manufacturing for over 65 years.

With an impressive range of trailers and muck spreaders to choose from, whether its tipping soil, transporting bales or moving livestock, there’s a Marshall Trailer that’s perfect for the job in hand.

Included in the range are:


Silage/Grain Trailers

The QM range of silage/grain trailers offer 10 models to choose from, with capacities of 6.5 tons, 8.5 tons, 11 tons, 12 tons, 14.5 tons, 16.5 tons and 18.5 tons.

Features across the range include tandem axles, adjustable drawbar, single chrome tipping ram, protected lights, flat floors, front inspection ladder, commercial axles, spring suspension, hydraulic and air brakes with load sensing and ABS, LED lights, hydraulic door arms and more (model dependent).


Drop Side Trailers

The S range of drop-side trailers consists of 7 models including 1.25 tons, 2 tons, 4 tons, 5 tons, 6.5 tons, 8.5 tons and 10.5 tons.

Features include grain sides, silage sides, mesh sides, LED lights, fixed headboard, hydraulic brakes, tandem axles with springs or split oscillating suspension and single hydraulic ram tipping mechanism (model dependent).


Flat/Bale Trailers

The BC range of flat/bale trailers consists of 8 models across the range with sizes from 21 foot to 36 foot in length and 10 tons to 16 tons in capacity.

Features include fixed headboard, harvest ladders, rope hooks and ratchet strap points, LED lights, rear crash barrier, commercial axles, sprung drawbar, air/oil brakes with load sensing, rear ramps and more (model dependent and some are optional extras).


Dumper Trailers

The HD range of dumper trailers consists of 5 models with capacities of 6 tons (3.7 cu mtr), 8 tons (5.4 cu mtr), 12 tons (7 cu mtr), 14 tons (8.7 cu mtr) and 16 tons (10.5 cu mtr).

Features include stone guard, LED lights, 60° tip angle, hydraulic door, 8mm rock floor and 6mm sides, twin stage ram, oscillating split tandem axle, commercial axles, hydraulic brakes, sprung drawbar, air/oil brakes with load sensing, rear tow hitch with lights and brakes and rear ramps (model dependent and some are optional extras).


Feed Trailers

The FT range of feed trailers consists of 2 models, the FT/15 which is 15 foot long and FT/20 which is 20 foot long.

Features include timber slatted floor, removable drawbar, swinging tail door, 4mm angled steel sides, tombstone sides and removable seating (model dependent and some are optional extras).


Livestock Trailers/Containers

The range of livestock trailers/containers consists of 4 models, 21 foot long, 25 foot long, 28 foot long and 32 foot long.

Features include each container with its own floor, aluminium ramp with two helper springs, fully sheeted solid roof, internal dividing doors, aluminium sheep carrying decks, sprung drawbar, LED lights, commercial axles and air/oil brakes with load sensing (model dependent and some are optional extras).


Muck Spreaders

The MS range of muck spreaders consists of 4 models, 6 cu,yds, 7.5 cu.yds, 9 cu.yds and 10.5 cu.yds.

Features include spreader lid opened by a stainless-steel hydraulic ram, balanced rotor shaft with chains mounted on four side, precision steel sprockets, LED lights, hydraulic brakes, case hardened chain flails, 6-stud axle with 8-stud available (model dependent and some are optional extras).


Rear Discharge Muck Spreaders

The VES range of rear discharge muck spreaders are available in 3 models, 9 tons, 12 tons and 14 tons.

Features include robust one-piece gearbox, hydraulic pusher rams, fully reversible hardened tips, 10mm thick step design rear beaters, removable slurry doors, LED lights, air brakes and wide-angle shaft (model dependent and some are optional extras).



The ST range of tankers consists of 8 models, 1220 gallons, 1400 gallons, 1550 gallons, 1800 gallons, 2150 gallons, 2340 gallons, 2560 gallons and 3000 gallons.

Features include a quality 10000L Hertell pump, 6″ side valve, high-level dual lights, adjustable sprung drawbar, swivel hitch, 6mm steel tank, tanker hydraulic hatch, full opening rear door, hydraulic pump, LED lights, air/oil brakes and wash down hose (model dependent and some are optional extras).

For more information on the Marshall Trailer range of product, contact us or visit the Marshall Trailers website.


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